A Kid-Friendly Visit To The Sea Turtle Research Project In Sri Lanka

Over the summer of 2019, the Michael W Travels family spent four weeks traveling around South Asia.
In total, we visited five countries, spending the most time doing a road trip around Sri Lanka.
During our visit, we saw lots of wildlife including elephants, peacocks, monkeys, mongeese and more. While driving back towards the capital Colombo (during our last day), we made a stop at the Sea Turtle Research Project in Bentota for another animal experience.
Before pulling over, we passed signs for other sea turtle rescues so I definitely wondered if they were legit rescues or more of a money making scheme.We were happy to arrive and see what was up at this rescue. After paying the entry fee, we were led around to various concrete tanks which housed sea turtles of various sizes.We stopped at each tank to get a better look at what was inside. Our guide told us about the turtle’s ages and the process of helping them grow before being released.
The most fun part was that we got to hold the turtles. Some of you might be against this, to be honest, we just took it for what it was worth and enjoyed the visit.The sea turtle rescue was a really fun 20-30 minute visit. I’m not sure if Lucas (seven at the time) or I had more fun!Look at the size of this guy!It does seem that the Sea Turtle Rescue does some good with releasing turtles back into the ocean.
While reading a bit into it, I read online that some of these facilities purchase the turtle eggs from dealers. And, some of the turtles will spend their whole life on display. Like I mentioned above, in the moment, we had a great time even though we got stuck in a crazy downpour.If I were to visit again, I’d definitely like to ask more questions regarding the research project. I don’t know if this was more glorified aquarium or do-good organization but it was a kid-friendly visit.
The Sea Turtle Research Project is located at No. 30, Galle Road, Bentota, Sri Lanka.

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