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An Influencer Denies That She Wrongfully Took A Homeless Man’s Dog

Brittany Gatica Littleton is a vegan influencer with over 30,000 followers. She also co-owns Sugar Taco, a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, and owns Little Love Rescue, an animal rehab. Brittany is pissing people off, as influencers do, and not because she faked a dramatic accident to shill water or threatened the Hamptons with coronavirus. Brittany has been accused of refusing to return a homeless man’s dog because of the pooch’s health problems. But Brittany claims that she didn’t “steal” the dog and is just trying to help out a down-and-out pooch in need.

Jezebel says that the man, Elliot Haas, is suing Brittany for keeping his dog. According to him, last January, a couple came up to his tent in Glendale, CA, where he lives, and offered him a table. He accepted the offer, but then the couple grabbed his dog Luna and began to put her in their car. When Elliot asked them why they were taking her away, they said
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