Heros! Divers Release A Whale Caught In Illegal Fishing Nets (VIDEO)

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The world is full of all kinds of people, but these last gray days have shown us that there are many more with a big heart. We have witnessed cases of people helping others and others helping animals in need. Now we want to spread love towards these beings with whom we share the world with the story of the rescue of a beautiful whale that was caught in illegal fishing nets.
The story begins when a group of Italian biologists working at a turtle recovery center noticed on one of their expeditions that the whale was caught in a fishing net and was therefore practically unable to move. They undertook to notify the Coast Guard and begin the process of assisting her.
After being alerted, the Coast Guard sent a team to the area that verified the critical conditions of the cetacean and applied all the necessary procedures to secure the mammal. This happened in the Aeolian Islands, Italy on June 26.
A team of divers arrived on board a Coast Guard boat, who would be in charge of carefully removing the fishing net from the whale and returning its mobility. The official Coast Guard account says that it took the divers “an hour of hard work about two meters deep” to release the whale.
The Coast Guard, which describes itself as “committed to protecting marine fauna and contrasting illegal fishing , ” continues to say  that once they were able to free it from the net, the whale was monitored to identify “ any abnormal behaviour. ” And be sure that he was in good health. The fishing net recovered on board the Coast Guard unit was confiscated and identified as illegal fishing gear.
The most beautiful thing of all is that they explained that her family was waiting for her from a distance all this time, and once she felt free, she returned with them to continue on her way. See here the cute video in which they rescue her from this illegal fishing net.
Watch the Youtube video below…

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