Indian reptile catcher falls in well when trying to rescue snake


Indian reptile catcher falls in well when trying to rescue snake

A huge snake entered an 80-foot-deep well, to hunt birds, in a village near Ahmednagar in western India.
The brave owner of the well covered a hole where it had taken refuge and called for help.
Akash Jadav and his team from Wildlife Rescue Society went to the well to rescue the snake.
The rescue was risky as they were not sure the kind of snake they were dealing with.
They also had to descend deep into the well and attempt a mid-air rescue while precariously hanging on a number of ropes.
Akash and his teammate, Nawaz Shaikh, went down the well using the stone steps.
They removed the bricks, which had covered the hole, and tried to pull the snake out with a stick.
The snake which had stubbornly lodged itself inside would not come out.
They then took a stick and tried to prod the snake.
After nearly 10 minutes of poking the snake suddenly leapt out startling them.
Nawaz tried to grab the snake but fell into the water along with it.
Though he climbed up, it was impossible to catch it with a snake-stick, as it kept swimming in the water.
Nawaz had to jump into the well again and drive it towards Akash who was waiting on the steps.
He grabbed it by its tail and handed it to an associate who took it to the surface.
The snake was later freed in the wild.
The footage was captured on November 13, 2019.

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