Dolphins share the love with nursing Indiana mother

One of the dolphins that offered support for a mother nursing near their tank is a nursing mother, herself.

INDIANAPOLIS — Editor’s note: The Indianapolis Zoo says the nursing center has been relocated to the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center and is near the exit of that building. 
Cooper says she was unaware that it had been relocated at the time, but her alternative location resulted in this special moment with the dolphins.

The Dolphin Pavilion at the Indianapolis Zoo turned into a makeshift nursing room for a mother and her baby this week. And the dolphins came to the glass to help!
Ashlyn Cooper posted about the unusual gathering Thursday, saying she was “at a loss of words” after what happened.
“I was nursing Ev in the dolphin dome at the zoo today because the nursing room was closed,” Cooper said. “As we were all chilling and hanging out…THIS HAPPENS!”
Cooper said the dolphins came to the glass to watch, “It’s like they sensed (and) knew what was going on.”
One of the zookeepers told Cooper they had never seen the dolphins do this before. One of them is nursing a calf herself.
“They are truly amazing creatures,” Cooper said.

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