Five Migrants Rescued from Dehydration Along Texas Border

Border Patrol agents in South Texas carried out multiple rescues of migrants as summertime temperatures approached the century mark. Agents rescued at least four who became distressed or dehydrated after illegally crossing the border from Mexico and one who suffered a snake bite while attempting to sneak around an interior immigration checkpoint.
Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Javier Vega, Jr. Checkpoint on July 5 received a call from the Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office regarding a 911 call they received. The caller claimed to be lost on a desolate ranch, according to information obtained from Border Patrol officials.
Agents responded to the area using the last GPS coordinates from the cell phone and found the lost migrant. An immigration interview identified the migrant as a Guatemalan national with no documentation to be in the U.S. The agents provided the illegal alien with water and transported him to the station for processing.
McAllen Station agents working the border near Penitas, Texas, a few minutes later witnessed a group of migrants running north from an irrigation ditch. The migrants attempted to use the ditch as cover as they worked their way away from the Rio Grande. Border Patrol agents moved in and apprehended the group.
Agents awaited transportation for the group. While waiting for transportation, an agent searched the surrounding area and came upon an unresponsive woman who had collapsed from the heat which was more than 100 degrees on Sunday.
A Border Patrol EMT provided fluids and first aid for the woman and arranged an ambulance to transport the woman to a hospital for treatment.
Back at the Vega Checkpoint, agents received another call from the sheriff’s office about another lost migrant needing assistance. Agents searched for almost an hour before finding the lost Mexican national. The agents provided first aid for the man and transported him to the station as he required no further medical attention.
On Monday morning, Kingsville Station agents received a call from the Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office about a woman who received a snakebite while walking through a ranch and attempting to circumvent the checkpoint. Agents responded and found the Mexican national. After evaluating the bite, the agents transported the man to the closest road with an air ambulance arrived to transport him to the hospital.
Laredo Sector agents assigned to the Laredo South Station on July 6 came upon a migrant on a ranch near El Cenizo, Texas. Agents called for medical assistance and a Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue team responded to provide first aid and treatment. The BORSTAR team administered IV fluids and determined the Mexican national needed immediate medical attention.
Doctors at the hospital treated the man for dehydration and kidney failure. He remains hospitalized and in Border Patrol custody, officials reported.
Later that evening, Laredo South Station agents received notification from Mexican Emergency Services about a person lost on a ranch in Texas near the Webb and Zapata County Line. Mexican officials responded. Agents quickly located the lost man and provided water. After checking him for symptoms of dehydration, the agents transported him to the station for processing.
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