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22 Pawsome Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover in Your Life

When it comes to picking a gift for someone who loves dogs, your options are truly endless—and that rings true for dog owners and admirers alike. I should know: I was obsessed with dogs for the first 28 years of my life before I (finally) got my own pup, and have been the happy recipient of many canine-related presents on various birthdays.
Now, I’m one of those dog owners who has a lot of stuff (I blame it on Joey—my rescue mutt has a penchant for eating his toys), and I in turn love gifting my favorite doggie essentials and accessories to other puppy parents. While it’s safe to assume that your dog-owner friends already have their own “life’s better with a bichon frise” magnet, there are plenty of other things you can gift that they may not have already bought for themselves.
Here are 22 ideas ranging from dog-themed home decor that they’ll (actually) want in their homes to lush treats that are for the doggies themselves.

For your friend who loves dogs, but doesn’t have one:
1. A donation to a rescue.
Find a dog rescue group in your friend’s area, or linked to a city or country they love, or perhaps a senior dog rescue. If they have a sweet spot for a certain breed, find a reputable, breed-specific rescue to donate to—like East Coast Corgi Rescue, Save A Lab, or Husky House.
2. Coconut Fiber Dog Planter, $60 (Uncommon Goods)
These “so-cute-we-can’t-stand-it” handmade planters are perfect for housing smaller plants, like the succulents we can’t get enough of.

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