WereBear Guest Post: Adventures In Cat Rescue

Since it’s Caturday, seemed likd a good time for this. It’s been a while since we’ve had a WereBear post, so glad she had one ready when I asked.  Take it away Kitty Whisperer:Sweet Reverend JimIn a couple of months, it will be the Labor Day weekend, 13th Anniversary of my cat blog, The Way of Cats. That’s when I rescued Reverend Jim. Here’s the first post on my first site, Rescue of a Shelter Kitten. Because of course, it started with a rescue. That’s how it all started.I never imagined my hobby would turn into my passion, and now, my destiny. The other day I was searching for my name and work online, an exercise in deeper meaning that yielded completely unexpected benefits. It turns out, I am an Antidote to Trumpism. And I couldn’t be more pleased.Antidote to Trumpism: Essays on Intellectual Honesty and Critical Thinking  by Luis Bernardo MercadoI certainly don’t mind being associated with intellectual honesty and critical thinking. And I adore the idea of being a Trump Antidote. So say we all!The kittens I adopted in the fall are becoming ridiculously elongated. They are also differentiating markedly.Bud is sleeker and more slender. He is currently going through a goofy stage. He becomes so intent on playing with his toy spring that he seems to inevitably bounce it behind the bathroom door. There he wrestles with it until he closes the door on himself.Cognition will dawn one day, but that day has not yet come.Lou Costello has always gone over the top. Now he’s more muscular and fluffy. While he is a professional comic, he’s getting into thoughtful periods. When Sir Tristan woke me in the middle of the night, he led me to where Lou was flattened against the sill of the bathroom door like a kitten draft stopper. From here I deduced Bud had done it again.Sure enough, I opened the door to find Bud slumped against the vanity cabinet like a sad clown doll. He was pathetically happy to see me. I praised Tristan for his teen cat management. I began propping a catalog against the door as my part of my bedtime routine, so Bud won’t get in trouble during the night.The other evening, Lou wanted my attention drawn to the bathroom door. I realized I had forgotten to prop the catalog, did so, and told Lou what a smart young fellow he was. So he must have the brains right now.These two share everything.I seem to be in a Power Cycle right now.The Way of Cats is available in paperback and on Kindle.Visit the Way of Cats blog.Feel free to chat pets and ask questions.=========================Thanks WereBear!
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