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Dog owner shocked by aggressive pack of coyotes warns others

Kristin Simkins says she was walking four dogs and ended up facing off against a pack of six coyotes that refused to back down, even biting a friend that tried to come to the group’s rescue.Kristin Simkins found herself and four large dogs under threat from multiple coyotes while the group was walking trails in the Aberdeen neighbourhood of Kamloops, B.C., on July 9. (Shutterstock / karl umbriaco)Kristin Simkins regularly walks four large dogs along trails in the Aberdeen neighbourhood of Kamloops, B.C., but she says there was nothing regular about last Thursday’s walk. Simkins, who was accompanied by a Labrador and three coonhounds, was coming to the end of her walk behind Howe Road near the home of her friend Shantelle Cooper who owns two of the dogs Simkins had with her.The plan was for an uneventful trek before dropping the dogs off at Coopers, when suddenly Simkin’s felt something was strange. “The dogs seemed not themselves and I could sense that something was wrong,” she said Monday on Daybreak South, adding two of the dogs started profusely barking and then suddenly bolted away. Simkins said af
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