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Grumbling Is Not a Minor Sin

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a time when God’s miraculous hand was impossible to deny? Surely seeing God work so clearly would make us happy and content.
Such were the days of the Israelites during Moses’s lifetime.
The books of Exodus and Numbers track God’s dramatic rescue of Israel out of Egyptian enslavement. God wasn’t only rescuing his people, he was ushering them toward a glorious land of promise.
There was only one obstacle that prevented Israel from fulfilling God’s mission. It wasn’t Pharaoh or his massive army. It wasn’t the entrenched Canaanite forces. It was the Israelites’ grumbling hearts.
Israel’s Growling Hearts
The two Hebrew words translated “grumble” are lun and ragan. Lun connotes growling; ragan is a whispered rebellion. The Greek word translated “grumble” is gogguzo.
These three words capture the state of our hearts when we grumble. Grumbling is growling against God. Recently, a church member showed me the 22 stitches he received because a dog thought he was a threat. Like an angry dog who misperceives your kind intentions to pet it, we growl against our kind Father w
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