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Planning For Pets During The Corvid 19 Pandemic

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As people shelter in place due to the coronavirus, the role their pets play in their lives has become more important. Pets provide the physical contact that people practicing social distancing miss. There are some concerns that pets might contract Covid-19 which has prompted people to consider how to protect their pet both now and in the future if they become incapacitated. 
The Legal Status of a Pet
Legally, pets are considered your personal property, like your car, furniture or jewelry. Without any specific plans for your pets, your heirs inherit your pet, who may or may not be willing or able to care for it. If you own a pet, there are some steps you should take immediately and some longer term planning you should consider.
Step one: Line up two friends or relatives who agree to serve as emergency and/or long-term caretakers. Provide them with the veterinarian’s name, discuss your wishes of what should happen to your pet and provide contacts for each other. Discuss up front how expenses will be covered. Stay in touch with your potential caretakers because circumstances can change over time. People move and have children, or situations may arise that impact their physical and financial ability to help manage your affairs.  Havin
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