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134 dogs were just rescued from Mexico and given new homes in Toronto

As the pandemic continues and travel remains nearly non-existent, a Toronto rescue had to find a new way to help dogs in need in Mexico.

Save Our Scruff chartered a plane to fly 134 dogs from Mexico to new homes on July 11, said Jenna Bye, executive director, who runs the rescue with her sister and Save Our Scruff founder Laura Bye.

Aside from the flight crew, the entire plane was for the dogs, which proved costly.

“It’s extremely expensive — it averaged out to be about $700 per dog,” said Jenna, adding there will be more expenses including vet checks.

Save Our Scruff brought 134 dogs to Toronto on July 11.   Photo by Joseph NC

Save Our Scruff has worked with the shelter Dog-go Project Mexico for about four years. And, although Save Our Scuff took a break from dog rescues
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