Cat Caught in Tree Clings to Rescuer’s Leg, Hilariously Meows

Kitty Rescue
Scaredy-Cat Clings to Rescuer’s Leg
… Puss-AS-Boots!!!

7/15/2020 4:22 PM PT


A poor kitty cat got stuck up in a tree, but based on the rescue mission … it was more terrified coming down than going up.
This amusing vid comes from the city of Meishan in southern China’s Sichuan Province, where the frightened feline got itself in a predicament — but was saved by a Good Samaritan.
No need to call the fire department … this man reportedly spotted the striped cat trapped about 10-feet high up into the tree, and fetched himself a ladder.
As you can see … the cat put a death grip on to the guy’s leg once he climbed up to it, and wouldn’t let go for anything. It also let out some highly melodramatic meows. Cats, right?
Looks like it’s going to be just fine, though … and didn’t have to use up any of its 9 lives. The guy’s leg could probably use a bandage or 2.

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