Horse gets stuck after failing to jump stable door

By Michael Hollan, Fox News

July 15, 2020 | 4:56pm

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A hapless horse needed rescuing by firefighters after it got trapped after trying to jump over a stable door at a farm in Bromyard, Herefordshire.
Bromyard Fire Station / SWNS.COM

This is why you look before you leap.
A horse found itself caught in an uncomfortable position after it apparently tried to jump over a stable door. Unfortunately, the door was a bit taller than the animal anticipated.
A silver male horse in England got stuck on the door of its stable when its back legs failed to clear the object, Southwest News Service (SWNS) reports. This left the horse with its front legs outside of the stable, but its back legs wedged on the door.
Photos taken at the scene show the horse standing over the door. While its front legs were able to reach the ground, the animal was left in a position where it could not lift its back legs over the door, leaving it in a very uncomfortable looking situation.
The Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service was called to the scene to free the horse. Fortunately, firefighters were able to unscrew the hinges of the stable and door and remove it, thereby freeing the horse.
The animal was sedated while the rescue workers did their job. The horse reportedly did not receive any serious injuries during the incident.
According to SWNS, the Bromyard Fire Station issued a statement, saying, “Animal Rescue Team from Bromyard, Fire crew from Tenbury and a vet from Three Counties Equine Practice were all called this morning to release a horse that had become trapped on top of his stable door. After the vet sedated the horse the crew were able to safely remove the door from its hinges so the horse could be released. He’s a little bit sore after his ordeal but should make a full recovery.”

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