The 2020 Audubon Photography Awards: Two PhotoShelter Members Shortlisted

Last week, the winners of the 11th annual Audubon Photography Awards competition were announced. The winning images are astonishingly impressive but the Top 100 images shortlisted also deserve their own recognition and celebration.While browsing through the Top 100 images a few days ago, I noticed two PhotoShelter members on the list. Douglas DeFelice and Scott Suriano are sharing more about their stunning shortlisted images below.Their responses have been lightly edited for clarity and length. Cover image by Scott Suriano.Mourning Doves by Douglas DeFelicePhoto by Douglas DeFeliceThe story behind the photo — I was in my house looking out the window when I saw these Mourning Doves sitting on the rocks by my pool. Quickly I grabbed a camera and rushed back to photograph the two as they appeared to kiss and hug each other. I’d been watching this pair for months as they nested in my backyard. Seeing them interact made me appreciate how delicate and caring these animals can be. It really made me feel that love is everywhere. This image was chosen for a few reasons. I really enjoyed how they were interacting with each other and how it made me feel watching them. It also felt like the image had a lot of photographic elements to it, with the contrasting colors and shapes. On the relationship between sports and wildlife photography —I’m a freelance photographer and am also contracted with wire services in the Tampa Bay Area covering sports. I also have an immense love for wildlife and have volunteered my time as the Director of Photography with a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization for the past four years. I find that both sports and wildlife, although completely different subjects, are also similar to each other. Both have action and both have candid moments (as seen above). Birds in flight have been a great way to hone my skills with other action and tracking subjects. Since the pandemic hit, my sports work came to a complete standstill. So to keep myself sharp, I’ve b
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