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The Weekender: Our Fostering Adventure

shams | cream duvet | blackout curtains + rod | sconce | lightHello, Catfish!

Our family is diving headfirst into the mostly exciting, slightly scary world of fostering! We’re working through One Tail at a Time (a non-profit pet rescue near and dear to our hearts), and we’ve been given a literal gift by welcoming Catfish into our home. She’s been nothing short of a dreamboat, barely making a peep and constantly offers up kisses, a pink belly and wet-nosed boops.

So many of you have already noticed: She fits so perfectly into your family! My inbox is filling up with the question: Will you adopt her? And while the thought of parting with Catfish already makes my stomach flip, we’re just… not quite there yet. I’m not quite there yet? I think Lucy and Scott would sign the adoption papers yesterday, but I also think we’re all still grieving the loss of Jack and CC. We have missed the love of a dog. Our home has felt too big, too empty for most of this year, and fostering feels like a safe place for us, for now.

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