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Tips For Playing Paper Mario: The Origami King

Screenshot: NintendoThe world’s most famous plumber (or not) returns to a two-dimensional state in Paper Mario: The Origami King, out today for Nintendo Switch. This latest entry in Nintendo’s long-running formerly-an-RPG series both sticks to formula (Peach needs saving again) and bucks it (the battle system is one-of-a-kind).Whatever you’re expecting, know this: You’re bound to get caught off-guard more than once. These tips should help you avoid getting creased along the way.Every puzzle battle has a solution.The Origami King’s battles take place on a field of concentric circles, broken up into twelve slice-shaped segments. In the center stands Mario. Enemies populate the outer rings. Mario hurts them by doing what he does best: jumping on their heads, or thwacking them with a hammer.The quickest way to power through battles is to shuffle the battlefield until enemies are neatly arranged in single-file lines (for easy stomping) or two-by-two clusters (for easy hammering). Successfully figuring out this solution will boost Mario’s attack by 50 percent, ensuring, more often than not, that you’ll take out enemies before they even get a chance to attack you. This is the crux of Origami King’s signature mix of brilliance and frustration: There’s always a solution. Figuring it out isn’t mandatory, but it will make your life a whole lot easier.If you can’t solve a puzzle, consider your options.Struggling to line up the circles correctly? You have some options, but both of them cost money. Which one you use—if any!—depends on the situation.G/O Media may get a commissionEvery battle is governed by a countdown clock that only makes things more stressful. If you’re just about to solve a puzzle but you need some extra time on the timer, you can use coins to buy more time. Just press and hold the plus button to extend that clock at a rate of ten coins per second. A word of advice: Don’t spend more than 200 coins at once. Generally, 50 or 60 extra seconds won’t help you any more than 20 will. You either have the solution, or you don’t. Time to move on. In those rare cases where bonus time will help, you can just continue spending more money; there’s no limit to how many times you can extend the clock, so long as you have the cash to back it up.Financial Literacy 101: Don’t do this.Screenshot: Nintendo / KotakuOn the flip side, you don’t want to overspend on an easy solution. Few gaming experiences are more worthy of a face-palm than dropping a significant sum on a battle only to figure out the solution in 1.3 seconds flat.Now, if you’re totally stumped on a puzzle and extra time won’t help, you
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