15-year-old rescued after being buried in sand on Cape Cod

Firefighters in Chatham rescued a 15-year-old girl who was buried up to her neck in sand after a dune collapsed on top of her as she dug a hole on North Beach Island on Sunday, officials said.The fire department was notified of the incident via a 911 call at 5 p.m. reporting a child had been buried deep in the sand. Dispatchers were able to locate the scene using the caller’s cell phone latitude and longitude information.Paramedics and personnel from the Chatham Harbor Master who responded placed a protective barrier over the girl to prevent the dune from collapsing further as they removed her from the hole, according to a statement by the Chatham Fire Rescue Department.The girl was taken by boat to the Chatham fish pier, where she was evaluated by paramedics. She was not injured, nor was she taken to a hospital, according to the statement.Nick Stoico can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @NickStoico.
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