Two cats relax in a garden with lettuce on their heads

They’re having a great time.

The cats of Japan-based kagonekoshiro blog are at it again, enjoying Japan’s hot summer months by cooling off in the garden with nice crisp lettuce on their furry little kitty heads.

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Just a cat hanging out while grandmother makes dumplings

The cats of live a good life. Here, one of the cute piebald shorthairs is hanging out in the kitchen while grandmother makes dough for dumplings. Looks delicious.

Cat enjoys piano massage

Being for the benefit of Mr. Cat, Haburu performs the soundtrack to Howl’s Moving Castle.

Why do cats “slow blink” at people

We have three rescue cats, and one of them slow blinks at me every time I look at him. According to this article, cats slow blink to Indicate that they do not feel threatened by you.

Get a fully refurbished and certified Dell desktop computer at a huge savings

We’re a latest and greatest kind of culture. We want the newest, shiniest, fastest piece of tech in existence — and many are willing to pay top dollar for the privilege of saying no one owns one better. The reality is that life at the tech pinnacle is incredibly fleeting. Within months, sometimes weeks, even […] READ THE REST

These wireless earbuds from Skullcandy are on sale for just $15

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