Link Love: Ollie and the Pens

The past week has been an adventure in stray cat rescue here at Desk HQ. I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with fountain pens but it has occupied a good deal of my time and brain space. We had a stray cat living on our back porch for the last few weeks that we were finally able to get into the vet. He received a clean bill of health and all his shots. Then he had his neutering surgery and needed to be kitty quarantined for a couple days as well as being introduced to indoor life and three sisters. Now he’s attempting to explore the house and not collide with two out of three of his sisters.
So far, he’s discovered he really likes the couch.

He’s about a year and half and we named him Ollie, short for Oliver as in “Please, sir, may I have some more.” He eats a lot.
The Best Gel Pens (via JetPens Blog)
A Pen Hack, a Field Notes and the Hi-Tech C (via Writing at Large)
Platinum Prefounte Fountain Pen Especially Great for Beginners!  (via Gourmet Pens)
Nakaya Neo Standard Shinobu Blue with Elastic Nib (via The Pen Addict)
Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with PO Nib (via The Gentleman Stationer)
The frustration of innovation with the VENVSTAS Magna (via UK fountain pens)
Esterbrook Estie Sparkle Oversized Fountain Pen (via The Pencilcase Blog)
I’m seeing Benu Pens in a new light (via UK fountain pens)
News: Chartpak Changes Pen Repair Policy (via The Pelikan’s Perch)
Pilot Custom 72 (via Crónicas Estilográficas)
Schon DSGN keeps the good stuff coming  (via UK fountain pens)
Chinese Fillings (via Crónicas Estilográficas)
Sailor Jentle Yodaki (via InkSharks)
Diamine Salamander (via Mountain of Ink)
Tono & Lims Burma Tourmaline (via Fountain Pen Pharmacist)
What Are My Forever Inks? (via Fountain Pen Love)
Monitoring health with a pencil (via Bleistift)
Notebooks & Paper:
Uses This / Jane Manchun Wong (via The Cramped)
2021 Nolty Diaries and NOTEBOOKS (via Notebook Stories)
Zelo Journal Review (Daily planner without pre-printed times / scheduling section) (via All About Planners)
Art & Creativity:
Review: Micro Portable Painter Palette (via Parka Blogs)
 There were a lot of irises in my sketchbook during the last two weeks. (via Apple-Pine)
Add some colour into your life with Zena Kay’s mouthwatering illustrations (via Its Nice That)
Postcards from Airports: Colourful illustrations by Mateusz Napieralski of his favourite cities (via Creative Boom)
Other Interesting Things:
The History of Camera Obscura and How It Was Used to Create Art (via My Modern Met)
Book tip: 8 different sleep techniques (via Flow Magazine)
Live TV Coverage of the Apollo 11 Landing and Moon Walk (via
2020 Mid-Year Recap: Five Favorite Products from the Year So Far (via The Gentleman Stationer)
Muji USA Filed for Bankruptcy , Might Close Stores? (via Notebook Stories)
Typewriters and the ‘Spanish’ Flu Pandemic (via oz.Typewriter)
Stunning Photographs Of The Old Cincinnati Library Before Being Demolished, 1874-1955  (via Design You Trust)
Covid-19 Risk Chart (via
This New Office Cabin Is Called “Studypod” And You Can Place It In Your Backyard (via Design You Trust)

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