Monitor lizard rescued from car engine in Vasai

MUMBAI: A 4ft long adult monitor lizard was found in a car engine in Vasai on Tuesday. It took two hours and seven firemen to rescue the reptile. The lizard, called Ghorpad in Marathi, the kind that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj famously used to climb the sides of a fort’s wall, had strayed into the Green Valley housing society in Bhabola, Vasai (west) at around 11 am. The reptile was trying to save itself from the crows. The lizard entered a car parked inside the society. A resident saw the reptile enter the car and informed the vehicle owner Manish Kanabar. He called the fire brigade from Vasaigaon. A fireman Sandeep Yadav reached the spot and tried to pull out the reptile. He soon realised he needs additional force. Another six firemen arrived and then began their rescue operation. The firemen said that the lizard had moved into the engine. The bonnet, the front headlights, the bumper and radiator of the car had to be dismantled. A rope was tied on the lizard’s hind legs to help the rescuers pull out the reptile. “The entire rescue operation took around two hours. While we had to be careful about the vehicle, we also had to ensure that the lizard did not sustain injuries,” said Yadav. The car owner Manish Kanabar who spent tense moments as his vehicle parts were being removed said that he was happy that the reptile was rescued. Kanabar said that he had heard about the lizard entering the building but it has soon disappeared. Luckily his neighbour saw the reptile entering his car engine and alerted him. He said that he will have to incur around Rs 5,000 to fix the engine. The reptile was handed over to the forest department to be released in the forest. Monitor lizards are found in the Vasai-Virar region and are often hunted for medicinal purposes. It is categorized under Schedule 1 of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act. In Video:Monitor lizard rescued from car engine in Vasai
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