Pepe the 58-year-old emu, outlives all expectations

At 58, old Pepe has outlived all expectations for captive emus and he is still going strong, but he did lose his best friend, a goat.Key points:Pepe has thrived stress-free on the Killeen family farm at Valencia Creek, eastern Victoria Pepe’s ‘family’ say they can prove the emu is 58 years old, with photos from the 1960sEmus have a life expectancy of about 10-20 years in the wild, and 35 years in captivityFarm owner Maurie Killeen remembers back in the 1960s when a forest worker brought two emu chicks in a small cardboard box, to the family farm at Valencia Creek in eastern Victoria.Maurie said, at the time, birds were his mother’s latest rescue project, in a life devoted to caring for native animals, farm animals and felines.”Anyone who had sick or young animal [they would] bring it along to Una and she’d rear it,” Mr
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