Terrified resident finds 17ft long python in the bathroom


Terrified resident finds 17ft long python in the bathroom

A terrified family ran from their home after 17ft long python appeared in the bathroom.
The deadly snake was coiled around the window on the outside of the building in Chonburi, eastern Thailand, on July 17.
Shocked resident, Piyanai Khamsa, 22, noticed the reptile while he was going to the loo and ran screaming from the property.
Piyanai said hewas shocked by the size of the snake and called his landlord immediately.
The landlord Ketsara Sueruam, 59, called the rescue team to catch the giant python.
Footage shows the wrangled battling with the ferocious snake as they drag it across the tiled flood and stuff it into a sack.
The relieved tenant said he heard his neighbour mention a missing cat which they thought had been taken by a snake but he did not expect to face the culprit himself.
Piyanai said: “My neighbour’s cat has been missing for a couple of days and I thought it just ran away but now we’re sure that the python had eaten it.”

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