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by Anne Laurie|  July 23, 20204:38 pm| 8 CommentsThis post is in: Cat Blogging, Pet Rescue From ‘mostly-lurker’ Gary in CHI:Fluff has had a rather too-interesting life in recent years.  She started life as a feral (her tipped left ear is her badge of honor), and was adopted as a kitten by Terry, John, and Bob.  She made herself at home in their Chicago two-flat, along with a number of other kitties, including her brother, Tommy.  A few years ago, one of her dads, John, died suddenly, and Terry died in January 2020, leaving Bob and the kitties.The problem is that Bob’s primary residence is in Texas, and he isn’t able to spend as much time in Chicago as he would like, especially since he has two dogs in Texas (lovely Brittany spaniels that even a kitty might like).  Bob has succeeded in adopting out some of Fluff’s compatriots; the only kitties left are Tommy and Fluff.  He needs to find homes for them, as the current situation, with Bob gone so much of the time and cat-sitters coming in briefly every day, isn’t sustainable.Tommy has always been very cautious around people, spending much of his time hiding; he never really has lost his feral-ness in that way.  Fluff used to be standoffish, too, but since Terry passed away and Bob isn’t around much, she has become very affectionate with him.  She craves attention, loves being petted, and is always near Bob when he’s on the sofa or loveseat.  She often falls asleep on the top of the sofa, right behind Bob.  Bob isn’t aware of much of Fluff’s medical history, although he knows she did get neutered and had a rabies shot as a kitten.As you can see, Fluff is a very pretty girl indeed.  She would never reveal her age, though humans estimate it at somewhere around 10 (she looks very youthful, no?)  She is a sweet girl who co-existed very well with multiple other cats for many years, although that, of course, is no guarantee of what might happen in a new household.  She has had no exposure to children or dogs.If anyone in or near Chicago is interested…Reader Interactions
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