Ghost of Tsushima: All Hot Spring Locations

Below are all the Hot Springs locations in Act 1 – Rescue Lord Shimura which is the Izuhara portion of the map.
Hiyoshi Inn Hot SpringHiyoshi Inn Hot Spring ✓Hiyoshi Inn Hot Spring Location: Hiyoshi Springs
How to Get to Hiyoshi Inn Hot Spring: In the Hiyoshi Springs town, look for the main inn surrounded by hot springs, and speak to a woman on a small ridge overlooking the inn next to a bridge over the falls to be escorted to the springs.
Firefly Hill Hot SpringFirefly Hill Hot Spring ✓Firefly Hill Hot Spring Location: Hiyoshi
advertisementHow to Get to Firefly Hill Hot Spring: Northwest from Izuhara Clearing and just across the river, you’ll find the Firefly Hill Hot Spring.
Golden Leaf Hot SpringGolden Leaf Hot Spring ✓Golden Leaf Hot Spring Location: Golden Temple
How to Get to Golden Leaf Hot Spring: South of Lake Izuhara you’ll come across the Golden Temple. If you roam the area outside you’ll likely be greeted with a bird that will guide you towards the hot spring, but in case you miss it, just head right to the east from the village.
Castle Lookout Hot SpringCastle Lookout Hot Spring ✓Castle Lookout Hot Spring Location: Isonade Coast
How to Get to Castle Lookout Hot Spring: West of the Isonade Coast and just upwards from the side of the road you’ll find the Castle Lookout Hot Spring.
Carved Mountain Hot SpringCarved Mountain Hot Spring ✓Carved Mountain Hot Sprin
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