Review: ‘Neversong’ Is A Must-Play Modern Indie Classic

‘Neversong’ is an experience everyone should have.
Atmos Games
From the moment you start Neversong, you know you’re going to be in for a unique experience–even if, from the outset, it seems like just another game in a long list of countless unnerving, short, artistic and emotionally charged 2D platformers. 
Yet I don’t think any of its celebrated peers have hooked me from start to finish in the way that Neversong did. Over the course of an evening–a little over three hours–it consistently delivered nothing short of an engrossing, puzzling, challenging, and fulfilling experience. It’s not just up there with the likes of Braid, Limbo, and Inside; I’d argue it’s better, and I’m really not one for superlatives.
Formerly known as Once Upon a Coma, this Kickstarter-funded game finally landed on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on July 16, following an initial release on iOS and PC in May. Countless facets of Neversong, not least its name, may have changed since this initial crowdfunding pitch in February 2018, but its promise to deliver against high expectations has been honored. 
Neversong follows Peet, a boy who wakes from a coma to discover his home of Redwind Village is now solely populated by children;
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