Try These 10 Great Xbox Demos Before They Disappear On Monday

With due respect to your backlog, it’s OK to ignore it for one more weekend. Earlier this week, as part of Xbox’s Summer Games Fest Demo Event, Microsoft released more than 70 demos of upcoming indie games.These all expire on Monday, July 27. In other words, if you want to try them out, you have about 72 hours and change to do so. Even if you dedicated an hour to every available demo, there’s no way you can hit them all (unless you have a plot-convenient narrative device that defies explanation and is, in fact, paradoxical).Luckily, we’ve been testing them out all week long, and have narrowed the offerings down to 10 must-play games. Check out the video above for a look at these gems in action. And for some extra detail of each, read on.One heads up: Microsoft didn’t make it easy to find these bite-sized demos. You can’t just click on some giant Xbox dashboard banner that reads “Extra! Extra! Get Your 70 Indie Games Here!” Instead, you have to boot up the Microsoft Store app, go to “games,” and then scroll down to the “Game Fest Demos” section. It’s buried, but it’s there.SkatebirdSure, Skatebird’s demo only gives you access to one stage—but that doesn’t mean you can’t let loose. In that one stage, you can skate as freely as you’re able, limited only by your hopes, dreams, and skill level. The gameplay itself is more Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater than Skate, so take that how you will. But let’s be real. Did you really think a cartoon bird can pull off a smooth-as-butter kickflip? Or is such a creature more of a 900º quadruple tre flip-busting machine who can make the X Games seem like a playground game of S.K.A.T.E.?G/O Media may get a commissionThought so.PonpuMake no mistake: Ponpu isn’t Bomberman. But it sure plays like that classic. The story section included in the demo is fairly short, with just a brief chunk of campaign plus a single boss battle. The free-for-all mode, however, might take over your entire Saturday night. Against three AI or friends (hopefully AI, because, y’know, pandemic), you face off in Bomberman-style braw
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