COVID-19: Ocean Wise report looks at pandemic impact on marine life

The report looked at three impacts: Reduction in ships; Increase in plastic pollution; And a drop-off in data collection and animal rescue.Author of the article:Tiffany CrawfordPublishing date:Jul 29, 2020  •   •  3 minute readOrcas in the waters off Vancouver Island. photo credit: Tourism BC / photo credit: Tourism BCArticle contentWhile a reduction in commercial ships, ferries and cruise liners during the recent pandemic is likely having a positive effect on aquatic mammals, an increase in plastic waste and fewer volunteers collecting data is having the opposite effect, according to an Ocean Wise report released Wednesday.The report, COVID-19: A Story of Marine Mammals, looked at three impacts: Reduction in ships, and increase in plastic pollution, and a drop-off in data collection and animal rescue.With fewer ships at sea because of the economic shutdown, the report found that some marine mammals such as humpback whales, orcas and sea lions may be having an easier time finding food and navigating because of a reduction in noise.While more study is needed, the repor
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