Huge cobra caught sheltering inside warm dry car engine after storm


Huge cobra caught sheltering inside warm dry car engine after storm

This is the moment an aggressive wild cobra was caught after sheltering from the rain in a car engine in Ranong, southern Thailand.
The 15ft long snake is believed to have slithered out from nearby woodland when the area was hit with monsoon rain storms.
It then found a warm, dry place inside the car engine. However, a passing rescue officer noticed the reptile and called colleagues on a nearby training exercise for help on July 17 afternoon.
Footage shows the rescuers helping each other catch the serpent from the engine before it evaded them while trying to put it in the sack.
The 15ft long king cobra escaped and slithered back into the engine again. This time, the rescuers sprayed the engine with a mosquito repellent to intoxicate it and catch it easily.
One of the rescuers involved, from Nakhon Si Thammarat said it was a rare moment that two rescue teams from different provinces were working together.
He said: “Luckily, we were in training even together when the official found the snake. I think it was good hands-on experience to work with the other teams.”
Thailand is experiencing its annual monsoon rainy season, which lasts from late may until early October. The torrential storms and downpours can often force wildlife into urban areas.

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