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Local community events supported by local businesses

Collaboration and cooperation between the community and local businesses create what local business owners call “A win-win.”
Local Jamestown businesses have been working with those in the Buffalo City to promote programming, events and causes offered in the local area. Local business owners and program directors spoke of the importance of maintaining symbiotic relationships between businesses and the community. “At the store, we are kind of like a family – we help each other out whenever we need to,” said Travis Samshal, store manager at Tractor Supply Company (TSC). “We consider our customers our family as well. We do what we can to support the community and they support us equally. Wherever, whenever possible support local businesses. We try to do what we can for everyone – we try to treat everyone like our family.” Since 2009 TSC has partnered with Prairie Paws Rescue, a local animal foster care system to make sure even those on four legs get to be a part of a family. “Tractor Supply has been very substantial in helping Prairie Paws not only with food donations but allowing us to come in and do the pet meet and greets the second Saturday of every month,” said Kaye John, Prairie Paws co-founder and president. “It’s led to us placing these animals in homes. We would rather work in quality adoptions than quantity. We would rather
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