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Fi Wants You to Stop Paying for Your Pet’s Microchip

My dog Lucio, who is definitely microchipped, also a rascal. (Photo: Andrew Couts/Gizmodo)

There are two things you need to know about microchips for your pets: First, a microchip does not have GPS, so it can’t be used to track your lost pet. It can only be used to figure out that you are the pet’s owner once it’s found. Second, if you’re paying to register your pet’s microchip and keep the data linked to it up to date, you’re a sucker.
I, sadly, am one of those suckers. That became abundantly clear when I learned about the new Fi Nano, a microchip made by the folks behind the fancy Fi Smart Collar, which the company is positioning as a far cheaper and simpler way to microchip your pets. (The Smart Collar, I’m sure Fi would like you to know, does have GPS-tracking capabilities.)Currently, I have two dogs and three cats, all of which are microchipped and registered throug
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