Video Shows Man Clinging to the Hood of a Moving Semi-Truck

A man was taken into custody this weekend after he was spotted clinging to the hood of a semi-truck traveling in Florida. Facebook user Erik Morales captured the wild moment in a video posted to Facebook. The footage shows a white male riding on the vehicle and banging on the hood before shouting something indiscernible to Morales. The semi is seen swerving at a relatively low speed, presumably in an attempt to get the man off the hood.”I wonder how this all started,” Morales captured the clip. “Holy shit watch this video to the end.”Morales posted a second video in which the semi is seen on the side of the road with police vehicle parked behind.According to WPTV, the incident took place at around 11 a.m. local time Saturday. Florida Highway Patrol says the hood-jumper and a male passenger were driving in Toyota SUV going southbound on the Florida Turnpike. The passenger told authorities that the driver began “acting strangely” during the ride and abruptly stopped the vehicle on an exit ramp. Moments later, the driver reportedly got out of the SUV and began walking on the highway.Per WPTV:
[The man] he then jumped the median concrete wall from the southbound side and onto the northbound side, causing traffic to slow down. The man then jumped onto the hood of a semi tractor-trailer on the northbound side and striking the windshield with his hands.

The driver of the truck continued traveling northbound on the Turnpike from mile marker 86 to the area around mile marker 95 with the man on top of the hood.
A highway patrol trooper intervened and detained the man. The Boynton Beach Fire Rescue arrived at the scene shortly after, and transported him to hospital for evaluation. WPTV reports authorities are investigating the case.
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