This Week In Imports: Neptunia Virtual Stars Steals the Spotlight

This week, Compile Heart is releasing the latest game in the Neptunia franchise, Neptunia Virtual Stars. This title has the four Gameindustri goddesses summoned into another world, where they must work alongside new Virtual Idol allies in order to protect the planet EMO from the Anti forces.The game features both close combat and third-person view combat. The Virtual Idols will use close-range weapons this time, while the four goddesses will take on a more supportive role with long-range guns. Also, one of the goals of the game is to rescue all the trapped virtual YouTubers from our world, whom you might recognize from companies like Hololive or groups like Game-bu Project, and even Kizuna Ai is joining as a DLC character. Hopefully this won’t lead you down the virtual YouTuber rabbit hole, because there is no coming back.Apart from Neptunia Virtual Stars, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is getting a physical release in Japan. Lastly, Corpse Party: Blood Drive is finally releasing digitally on Switch after an early launch in the West last year.The following are this week’s Japanese imports.Nintendo SwitchMonster Boy and the Cursed KingdomLa-Mulana 1 & 2eShop Only (Switch)Corpse Party: Blood DriveLa-MulanaKukkoro DaysAlphadia GenesisPlayStation 4Neptunia Virtual Stars (+ PS Store version)Neptunia Virtual Stars Emotional EditionMonster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (+ PS Store version)PS Store Only (PS4)La-MulanaPocket AcademyMicrosoft Store Only (Xbox One)La-MulanaRead More

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