Celebrations special with Luxe Mithai by Roseate

Indians barely need a reason to celebrate. We have festivals to welcome seasons of the year, celebrate and strengthen relations, to mark religious occasions or the birthdays of saints and Gods, celebrate the full moon, celebrate the victory of good over evil, welcome the New Year, which for different religions is different. No matter what the reason, no Indian festival or celebration is complete without a wide spread of traditional Indian sweetmeats called “Mithai”. Mithai by Roseate In spite of Mithai being an intrinsic part of Indian culture, it is surprising that there are hardly any Luxury Hotels in India that have their own in-house range of Mithais. Launched by the founder of the uber luxury Roseate Hotels and Resorts, Dr. Ankur Bhatia, ‘Mithai by Roseate’ seems to be the only exception. You t
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