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The Mourning After: Casualties Mount In Baseball (Evergreen Headline Right Now tbh)

Photo: GettyThe baseball season made up of duct tape and used chewing gum continued to roll on. The Cardinals and Tigers series this week was postponed, while the infected Cardinals were rented cars to drive themselves from Milwaukee back to St. Louis. No word on whether the doors on said cars were controlled remotely to keep the Cardinals players from exiting to marvel at the tall buildings of Chicago. Another side product of trying to cram a rabbit-sized baseball season through a mouse-sized hole is pitcher injuries. The playoff teams might have pitching staffs constructed entirely out of three-card monte dealers and truck drivers on a break. Mike Siroka blew out his Achilles, and Carlos Rodon and Shohei Ohtani look set to miss weeks with arm troubles that became apparent after major drops in velocity. Some 36 starting pitchers are currently listed on the IL, with only a handful due
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