Nintendo Download: 6th August (North America)

The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it’s bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!
Switch eShop – Highlights
Swimsanity! (Decoy Games, Out Now, $24.99) – Swimsanity! is a multiplayer underwater shooter with action-packed co-op and versus game modes, all supported by online and local play. Play as hero Mooba, who uses a variety of unique power-ups and weapons to survive in an aquatic world. Whether you’re teaming up with friends to swim into Adventure mode or clashing in competitive matches such as Last Mooba Standing, there are more than 150+ challenges to complete across eight action-packed game modes.
Banner of the Maid (CE-Asia, 12th Aug, $16.99) – Banner of the Maid is a turn-based strategy game based on an alternative history of the French Revolution. Command the iconic troops of the 18th and 19th century, such as Line Infantry, Skirmisher, Calvary and Artillery, through turn-based strategy combat in reimagined European battlegrounds. Follow the steps of the young officer Pauline Bonaparte as she writes her own heroic story.
Switch eShop – New Releases
112th Seed (eastasiasoft, 6th Aug, $4.99) – In a future where Earth has become uninhabitable and food is so scarce that most of humanity has perished, take the role of a seed that could restore hope! Make your way through the last labs constructed to cultivate a plant species capable of surviving any environment. Solve puzzles, avoid traps, grow plants and find an exit in this casual yet challenging pixel art platformer.
Aery – Broken Memories (EpiXR, 6th Aug, $14.99) – In Aery – Broken Memories you enter the mind of another person in order to bring them back from a coma. Within the other human’s mind, you are represented through a little bird that moves smoothly through thoughts, fears, and memories. Your objective is to find memory shards in order to get to know the other person, to progress with the story, and to unlock new, unknown areas of the mind. Experience the feeling of flying, immerse into beautiful and atmospheric landscapes and enjoy the unique storytelling of the game while getting to know a new friend on the fly.
Alphadia Genesis (Kemco, 6th Aug, $14.99) – Having been at peace for only 15 years since the end of the Energi War, the kingdoms of Archleign and Ghalzabine are once again thrust onto center stage after a murder perpetrated by a clone comes to light. Hoping the treaty signed to end the use of clones for conventional warfare has not been violated, a joint-investigative team is put together to find out the cause and bring those responsible to justice. However, the adventure appears to be far more volatile than anyone could have first imagined…
Arcade Archives Burger Time (HAMSTER, 30th Jul, $7.99) – “Burger Time” is an action game released by Data East in 1982. The goal is to make burgers by stepping on the giant ingredients to drop them onto the plates below. Defeat the enemy pickles and wieners by trapping them between the burger ingredients! The “Arcade Archives” series has faithfully reproduced many classic Arcade masterpieces.
City Bus Driving Simulator (BoomBit Games, 7th Aug, $11.99) – Enter a demanding training arena, try out a selection of varied vehicles and show your skills driving them!
Clan N (6th Aug, $14.99) – Clan N is a hack’n’slash game which combines the gameplay of the classic arcade with today’s modern brawlers. With a fast-paced nature, you have to dodge, block and use your light, heavy and special attacks wisely to progress. With an ancient far east theme, you’ll get challenged across 7 different levels with many different enemies, Mid/End level bosses and casual mini-games integrated into main gameplay.
Crowdy Farm Rush (7Levels, 6th Aug, $5.99) – Animals of Crowdy Farm lost their way! Bring them back, rancher, but don’t allow for chaos! Be cautious, so your lazy cows and fast chickens won’t collide. Make dozen of ducks march in a row, gather a flock of pigs in a safe place and control the stubborn donkey! Ensure that farm residents are washed out of the mud before they enter the farm, but beware: the coyote is awake. Keep animals away from him!
Cruel Bands Career (indienova, 6th Aug, $3.99) – They are on a secret mission and must face varied audiences and bosses to complete their quest. Cruel Bands Career features highly varied gameplay and a unique art style. The three-man band is on a secret mission, the only thorn in their side being the constant stream of audience. Keep an eye on the mood of your band members and gain control of the situation by adjusting their on-stage positions and using their abilities. As you progress, you must choose which abilities to upgrade, or when to sneak into a secret room for a nap or two. But your final goal remains the same, to explore an increasingly dangerous world.
Dininho Adventures (QUByte Interactive, 30th Jul, $1.99) – Only someone very evil could have the coldness to steal the eggs of a helpless dinosaur mom and Dininho cannot leave it at that. Explore this colorful and dangerous world, rescuing all helpless babies. But be careful, “He” will be waiting for you at the end of each road. I trust you! Go and be the hero of Dinolândia.
Drink More Glurp (Yogscast, 6th Aug, $9.99) – Drink More Glurp is a wacky physics, sports(ish), hot seat, party game set on a distant world where aliens have copied Earth’s summer games and got everything slightly wrong. Having binge-watched broadcasts of Earth TV the aliens are convinced that advertising is the most important part of any sporting event. Sponsors will randomly take control of events and twist them to fit their agenda, leading to a chaotic, galactic summer games like no other.
Escape From Tethys (Sometimes You, 12th Aug, $9.99) – You must find an escape. Explore the hostile environment, find secret upgrades and new weapons, and finally make your escape from this dark, hostile planet… Escape from Tethys is a difficult action-adventure Metroidvania game set on the remote planet of Tethys. You are a scientist responsible for developing new weapons tech when things go awry. Only the strongest and smartest will make it out alive.
Frontline Zed (Forever Entertainment, 6th Aug, $11.99) – Collect weapons where you can. Manage your time well. Will you spend precious daylight hours repairing your defense, or searching for other survivors to help you fight? The promise of rescue beckons – if you can survive long enough to make it. Manage your time by day – search for weapons and survivors, or keep your defenses repaired. Hordes of zombies are waiting for your flesh! Will a wood wall stop them? You should defend your position against the horde by night with maximum attention.
Instant Sports Summer Games (Plug In Digital, 6th Aug, $24.99) – Relay race, high jump, javelin throw, triple jump, archery, tennis, hurdle race, soccer, baseball, rafting and bowling. New gameplay, new controls, new customisations… Single and multiplayer modes, up to 8 players.
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Myth Infinite Combate (Pqube, 11th Aug, $39.99) – Labyrinth City Orario, where gods live amongst humans and provide them with extraordinary powers. Experience the tale of Bell Cranel, a young boy striving to become a great adventurer, and Aiz Wallenstein, a first-class swordswoman, as their lives become intertwined and decide the fate of all Orario!
KukkoroDays (qureate, 6th Aug, $7.99) – The appearance of a lady knight reincarnated from another world turns a mundane everyday life upside down! In this love-adventure game set in Akihabara, you can enjoy living together with a lady knight. It’s a little serious, a little sad, and a little sexy, but most of all, it’s fun!
Memory Lane (Playstige Interactive, 6th Aug, $4.99) – Memory Lane: A game to test your memory skills! Test your memory to find the pairs cards. Select from 4 different card sets. Over 150 different cards to play with. Unlock new factoids and learn about how the human brain works and how our memory functions.
Metamorphosis (ALL IN! GAMES, 12th Aug, $24.99) – You wake up one morning to find that you are rather inconveniently transforming into a tiny bug, while your friend Joseph is being arrested for reasons unknown. To save him and to find the answers you seek, you must embark on a journey through a world which, like yourself, has become twisted and unfamiliar. What once seemed like mundane dwellings have become an expansive obstacle course, and now you’ll have to chart your path through the dingy nooks and crannies that exist within the cracks of civilization. Use your wits to unravel the truth, and regain the life you once knew.
RogueCube (Ratalaika Games, 7th Aug, $4.99) – Pick your cube and blast your way to victory in RogueCube! Choose from the solo campaign, local multiplayer campaign or local multiplayer competitive modes and duke it out. Can you capture the eight vertices and clear each zone? Jump dodge and shoot your way to victory!
Spitlings (HandyGames, 4th Aug, $14.99) – You know what the problem with multiplayer games is, right? The other players! It’s always their fault if you lose! We’ve got the perfect game to blame your friends for their incapability: Spitlings! This chaotic action arcade game for up to four players is a modern take on the hardcore classics. You’re in control of a Spitling, a charming rectangular creature with teeth it can spit or use to jump! Makes no sense? Who cares, it’s fun!
Time Tenshi (Silver Cow Studio, 30th Jul, $14.99) – Team up with Rose, Kyo and Michelle – the beautiful Time Tenshi (Time Angels) – in this exciting visual novel as you enter the amazing world of time travel, made possible by the work of Tensai Shiro, the genius inventor behind the Time Window: mankind’s first functioning time machine! Playing as Kenji – a young man who loses everything to a terrible house fire – you’ll discover just how far the limits of time can be pushed as you join the Time Tenshi in their missions into history!
Titan Glory (Atypical Games, 6th Aug, $4.99) – Titan Glory is a sci-fi mech combat game with an emphasis on mech and weapon variety, multiple game modes and spectacular combat arenas. In the near future, mech combat sports are all the rage! Various match rules and objectives bring the thrill of the game in glorious skirmishes filled with explosions and projectiles. Taking part in tournaments and winning matches will earn you valuable credits and ranks. In turn these will give you access to 12 mechs with different weapon loadouts and attributes.
Twist&Bounce (10th Aug, $4.99) – Twist&Bounce is a fun and colorful game for everyone! Move the platforms so the ball falls through openings, earn a high score! Move the platforms so the ball falls through openings! Score more points by going through multiple openings at once. If you go through three or more, you can land on a textured area platform spot as it will break the platform.
Ultra Foodmess (Silesia Games, 6th Aug, $3.99) – Experience the food mess! Call your friends to explode, shoot, swing, push, dodge, destroy and, eventually, ruin your friendship.
Wizards: Wand of Epicosity (Game Mechanic Studios, 4th Aug, $19.99) – When the Wizard of Darkness awakened, it was up to one man to defeat him. When that man was accidentally killed by one idiot, Tobuscus (or “person of extremely low intelligence” – gently put), the responsibility of becoming an awesome wizard fell onto him… by default! Wizards: Wand of Epicosity is a thrilling, fast-paced tower defense game with magic, zombies, and a teleporting castle.
Wordify (Hook, 7th Aug, $2.99) – Wordify goal – using the given letters, combine them into correct word cross. Exercise your brain playing 250 puzzles, multiple difficulty levels. 250 handmade crosswords, 10 color themes, touch support, relaxing background music.

So that’s your lot for this week’s North American Nintendo Download. Go on, be a sport and drop a vote in the poll above, and comment below with your hot picks!

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