Jamie Oliver rides to the rescue with his inspirational new book

Can we talk about sausages? You guys just love a sausage! You love them so much that I’ve dedicated a whole chapter to them in my new cookbook – which is being serialised exclusively in Weekend today, then in tomorrow’s Mail on Sunday and next week’s Daily Mail. And I’m so excited to share it with you.Back to the sausages. I’ve come up with seven ways that you can cook with them – seven new recipes to help make mealtimes more exciting, whatever the day of the week. You’ll find sausages chopped, sliced, crumbled, turned into balls and even hasselbacked (which is actually super-easy and no hassle at all!). I’ve taken sausage and mash to the next level in a pie, done a cute little sausage silky omelette for one, a super-comforting sausage casserole and a gnarly and satisfying one-pan hash, and that’s not all – more on that later. Jamie Oliver (pictured) revealed the inspiration behind the new recipes in his 24th cookbook called 7 WaysSo why all this sausage chat? Well, they make up just one chapter out of 18, but it gives you a flavour of what to expect from the book – which is called 7 Ways.Now, this is my 24th cookbook, and for the first time I’ve tackled the writing in a different way. My starting point with this one was real data – I’ve looked at what people are actually buying every week. I’m talking about those staple ingredients in our shopping baskets.And it was fascinating to me, because the data shows that we do buy a lot of the same ingredients on repeat – so up and down the country, those same staple ingredients keep on popping up.I’ve chosen 18 ingredients from that list, and they’re what I like to call our hero ingredients. These heroes are the chapters within the book and I’ve given you 7 recipes for each one – that’s the 7 Ways, you see where I’m going! My thinking was simple: if you already know and love the hero ingredient, be it our humble friend the sausage or on-trend avocado, and I can show you how to reimagine it in a bunch of interesting ways, then you’re more likely to give one or two of these new recipes a go. AND THE FAB 5  There are just five ingredients that I consider to be everyday staples. Cooking is simply impossible without these items at your fingertips, and I believe every household should have them in stock. Jamie revealed he’s stocked up on olive oil, extra -virgin olive oil, red wine and vinegarEven though my own pantry is packed full of all sorts of things, it’s these five that you’ll see popping up regularly throughout the book and that you need in order to cook many of the recipes.They aren’t necessarily included in each individual ingredients list as I’m presuming that you’ll stock up before you start cooking. Th
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