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The Best Shows To Watch On Netflix In August 2020

The new shows on Netflix:Premise: This docuseries, hosted by science reporter Latif Nasser, makes connections between seemingly disparate parts of the world. The series has a “Bill Nye”-for-adults vibe, as it takes a quirky approach to answering scientific questions (most of which you didn’t even know you had) about everyday things, like Google searches.Nasser is the director of research for the popular audio program “Radiolab,” which similarly tackles stories in this offbeat, yet informative manner. Setting: Reports from locations across the globe Netflix descriptors: “Witty” and “investigative” NetflixThe opening shot from “Connected” on Netflix. How it starts: The camera holds a close-up shot of a stuffed animal. Nasser and his son talk off-screen about monkeys. The show pivots between establishing shots of other stuffed animals in the room,
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