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Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum review

REVIEW – There are certain trade-offs we have to make when living indoors and using technology. One is that we need to keep things relatively clean, or the dust bunnies and hair-ball tumbleweeds will cause our tech to heat up and malfunction. Of course, for technical folks, there are technical solutions to all problems, and this applies to cleaning in a predictable way: ROBOTS!!! The latest RoboVac to enter our home is the Onson Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum. It’s been fighting the losing battle against pet fur, dander, and leaf litter here in the Gadgeteer Southeastern Field Office for over a month now, and I’m ready to report.

What is it?
The Goovi D380 is typical of most robotics – about the size of a small stack of dinner plates on wheels that guides itself around your living quarters, sweeping up debris. At just over 12″ in diameter, 3.25″ off the floor, and 6 pounds, it’s not a daunting task to pick it up and move it to a specific area, but the beauty of a robotic vacuum is that it will start from anywhere and keep going until it is almost out of battery, and then return itself to the charger, all without you having to do anything.

What’s in the box?
Main robotic vacuum unit
(4) side brushes (2 extras)
(2) 2-stage filters (1 extra)
Remote control with batteries
charging dock with power adapter
cleaning tool for the rotating brush
Instruction manual, Quickstart guide

Design and features
You’ve all seen or read about robovacs, and the Goovi is similar in design and action. Where it differs is in suction power and control. The Goovi D380 is rated at 1600 PA, whereas most robotics at this price poin
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