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Wardlings Put Kids Front And Center In A Dungeons And Dragons World

Wardlings featured a D&D world where kids are the heroes.
Renegade Game Studios
Many Dungeons & Dragons players first encounter the game in their tween years. 8 to 12 years old seems to be the right time for an advanced game of Let’s Pretend to take root in a young mind and become a hobby for the next few years, if not life. There are plenty of great products aimed at getting kids into the game, such as the excellent Young Adventurers series from Wizards of the Coast.
MORE FROM FORBESD&D Young Adventurer’s Guides Are A Great Gateway Into The DungeonBy Rob WielandWizKids Games put out a series of miniatures for kids playing D&D called Wardlings that let kids put themselves in the game along with a great kid friendly twist: each miniature comes with a fantasy pet to accompany the young adventurer on their journey. The pre-painted miniatures encompass a wide range of looks and sizes. The are slightly smaller than adult minis to be visually distinct from Mom or Dad’s characters. Each also comes with an animal that rangers from the mundane (like an armor
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