50 Iconic Vehicles From Science Fiction


50% ICONIC VEHICLES FROM SCIENCE FICTION=Max Speed Engine/Power Source Creator 10 ft SHOTARO KANEDA’S BIKE Akira LIGHT CYCLE LEXUS 2054 THE DELOREAN TRON: Legacy Minority Report Back to the Future 150 mph Cold superconducting generator 140 mph Fuel cells 88 mph (to timetravel) Pure liquid energy Lexus V-6 overhead camshaft with twin RHB52 turbochargers, flux capacitor supplied by fusion generator Daniel Simon Doc Brown MARK LXXXV Marvel Cinematic Universe ~Mach 10 Arc reactor THE DOCTOR’S TARDIS Doctor Who ARATECH 74-2 SPEEDER BIKE Star Wars universe 310.7 mph SPINNER Tony Stark Blade Runner: 2049 Effectively infinite Eye of Harmony Grown on Gallifrey Repulsorlift engine Aratech Repulsor Company Conventional internal combustion, jet, and anti-gravity engines Syd Mead SA-23E MITCHELL-HYUNDYNE STARFURY Babylon 5 10 G (320 ft/98 m per second) Four Beigle-Bryant 9000A particle thrust engines Earthforce E.T.’S SPACESHIP E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial RX-78-2 GUNDAM Mobile Suit Gundam SWORDFISH II EAGLE 5 Cowboy Bebop * 139 mph Rolls-Royce AF-15C axial fusion Spaceballs Ludicrous Speed 102.5 mph
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