Furry Friday: A blast of beauty

Tahi heard the cellphone alert, dived into his lockdown bunker, and now awaits the all-clear. Hope it’s soon.Well, things have changed a bit since last Friday – no doubt you’ve read or heard about it. But this is not a place for news. Instead, I want to focus on something that’s at least as true as news bulletins and the stressful events they recount, but infinitely more enduring: beauty. Specifically, the beauty of the animals we share our lives with and the beauty of the bond we build with them.  I searched through my files of readers’ pet photos to find some that just made me feel good – they made me smile, reminisce, nod in recognition or just melt. So today’s collection is one man’s idea of beauty, and you’re welcome to disagree. But I hope you’ll find something that brightens your day a bit, and feel a little more in balance before you tune into the news again.  Enjoy – and special wishes to all those in the fair city of Auckland! Thanks to all for submitting photos. Please email me your own pet photos, or message me via the Four Legs Good Facebook page. Help keep Furry Friday free of embarrassing mistakes by remembering to include your pet’s name, and its sex if it’s not obvious! Follow Nick’s tiny house blog.Since this irresistible photo was taken, Hugo has grown into a mighty five-year-old who’s feared among Gore’s rabbit community. READ MORE: * Furry Friday: It’s always time for bed * Furry Friday: Greyhound greatness * Furry Friday: Pets we loved and lost * Furry Friday: Achingly and beautifully ordinary * Furry Friday: Pets all set for their close-upsA terribly serious meeting of the canine governance committee, attended by Luna, Pixie, Sundae, Stryda, Sky and Poppy. Any matters arising?That moment when the playfulness impulse crosses the species barrier: Nonu the lamb with the excitable Charlie.Just to shovel more sugar into your tea, here are two lots of foster youngsters who I trust are now in happy homes.Luna and Merlin have names that suit their bewitching looks. They’re brother-and-sister chinchilla Persian kittens.Bringing three distinct kinds of charm to the collection are Bailey (left), Mac and Harriet. They all merit a longer look.Dany (left) and Spidy allow gravity to lengthen their stretch.Coco and Zoe were happy to pose nicely, but only long enough for one shot.This is a low-key work of art: Still Life With Ginge.Making his Furry Friday debut is British Blue youngster Koa. Expect to see more of him.All paws and fluff: Nimbus (left) and Higgins.Debonair and dignified: Juno (left), Ben and Billy.Three little charmers: Digby (left), Gucci and Jessie.Cowled elders of the canine world: Kismet (left) and Keira.Rosie (left) has now left us after a life full of joy; Harry communes with his favourite toy; and 16-month-old Lola has just been exploring Motueka estuary.The slender stylings of Todd (left), Lockie and Sophie.Lily (left) is a superb Russian Blue; Jasmine is a splendid 18-year-old Birman.Under the heading of ‘beauty’ comes the category of ‘cuteness’. Esco (left), Mila and Ellie have it in spades.Juno and Percy (left) see eye to eye, when their eyes are open; Krystal and Tohi are co-conspirators.Pushkin and Dora are total cuddle buddies.Cheese (left) and his lady friend Chops enjoy a PG-rated roll in the hay.Jazz is deeply protective of her best toy.The now-departed Meowf was partial to bunny-hugs.Taura finds it busy being a puppy. Just as well she has Monkey to calm her down.Any dog owner’s heart will go ping to see Neeps’s bathtime face. Poor girl – it’ll be over soon.Meet Frankie (left) and Johnny – like the song.Cheek by jowl in all things, Dax and Nero melt into sleep.Caitlin (left) and Kaz look deep into your heart.Birmans Daisy (left) and Poppy first appeared in Furry Friday last year, as kittens. They’ve blossomed into stunning grownups.Sleeping cute: Heidi strikes a coy pose.Zeke (left) and Kevin Costner were a close pair till Zeke went to the Rainbow Bridge. ‘Kevin Costner?’ I hear you ask, but I’m unable to explain the name. I can almost hear Peanut’s gentle, blissed-out snore.For Holly, pillow-face closely resembles usual-face. But on this occasion she is definitely sleepy.Finally, a beautiful moment of sharing, between Pippin the cat and Peabo the rescue duckling.
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