Beachgoers rescue injured sea turtle tangled in fishing net


Beachgoers rescue injured sea turtle tangled in fishing net

A sea turtle with a broken shell and injured fins was rescued after passing joggers found it tangled in fishing net on the beach.
The men were having their morning exercises in Phuket island, southern Thailand when they found the struggling creature on August 4.
Footage shows how the marine animal had been caught in a net entangled with a heavy driftwood that prevented it from leaving the beach.
Noz Oven Shaw said they used a knife to cut the net first out of the driftwood and then freed the sea turtle.
However, when the turtle was out of the net, they saw that it had suffered a crack on its shell and a number of wounds on its fins.
Concerned local, Noz, said: “The turtle was also injured on its shell so we thought it would be dangerous to place it back in the water. We decided to give it to people who can take care of it.”
The kindhearted group of men spent around ten minutes to rescue the animal and sent it to a nearby marine life center where it will be rehabilitated before it is released back to the ocean.

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