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Family who ‘roo-napped’ kangaroo Rocky from animal shelter left heartbroken

A family embroiled in a battle over illegally keeping a pet kangaroo have been left heartbroken after it was taken away from them.Kim Perry saved baby joey ‘Rocky’ after finding him in the pouch of his death mother who was killed by a car five years ago.But Ms Perry was left devastated after NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service removed Rocky from her property earlier this week while she was a work.Ms Perry was issued with a caution instead of an infringement notice and said the ordeal has left her ‘very angry’ and ‘sad’. Rocky was taken to a wildlife park where children can pat and play with animals.    While she admitted Rocky (pictured, as a joey) ‘wouldn’t have a hope’ of surviving on his own in the wild, she said the group would try to train him to fend for himself Kim Perry (pictured) said she was notified of Rocky’s removal while at work, which has left her ‘very angry’ and ‘sad”I was serving customers at work and the next thing you know two police officers and a lady from parks at wil
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