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Volunteers rescue pets, search for lost ones in Beirut blast

Dozens of volunteers are working around the clock in Beirut to rescue animals trapped or lost among the rubble following the massive explosion that tore through the Lebanese capital last week, killing and injuring thousands of peopleBy ANDREA ROSA Associated PressAugust 14, 2020, 3:34 PM4 min readBEIRUT —
When the massive explosion tore through Beirut last week, it did not only kill and injure thousands of people and destroy a large part of the city — it also left scores of animals trapped or lost in the rubble of the Lebanese capital.
Animals Lebanon, a Beirut-based group, said it sprang into action within hours of the blast. Since then, dozens of volunteers have been working around the clock to rescue the animals.
The group’s search and rescue teams have been deployed around the city and have received hundreds of requests by pet owners asking to help track their dogs and cats — and sometimes even birds — from the devastation that unfolded after the blast.
The Aug. 4 explosion in the Beirut Port, when thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate ignited, sent
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