Adorable Cat-Based Sushi Puzzler Inbento is a Third Off on Android

Inbento, the charming puzzler in which you play as a cat creating bento boxes, is discounted by a third right now on the Google Play Store. You can pick it up for $1.99, down from its usual price of $2.99.
Developed by Afterburn, the studio behind the excellent Golf Peaks, inbento boasts distinctive, spare cartoon visuals and a simple yet engaging puzzle mechanic. The aim is to rearrange food items inside bento boxes so that they match the goal image on the right of the screen. 

It’s got a sweet story, too. You play as a doting mother preparing a bento box for her kitten every morning. As you make your way through the 120+ puzzle campaign your kitten grows up, guaranteeing that a certain proportion of soppy parents will shed a tear.
Plus, 1% of the game’s proceeds go to an animal rescue foundation in Poland, so you can pick up a bargain, feed a virtual kitten, and help a real kitten in one fell swoop. 
Download inbento for free right now on the Google Play Store. 

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