Dog’s miraculous escape after tumbling down cliff at Te Mata Peak

Georgia May Gilbertson/StuffChloe was lowered to safety after she became stranded on a cliff-face at Te Mata PeakA Monday morning stroll up Te Mata Peak turned into a near nightmare for a dog owner after his husky cross tumbled down and became trapped on a cliff face. Te Mata Peak in Havelock North is a popular spot for dog walkers, who are not required to walk them on a leash. Fire crews from Hastings were called about 1.50pm after the dog, Chloe, was heard and spotted by a couple walking their own dog on Monday afternoon. READ MORE: * Investigations begin after Te Mata Peak fire * Blessing marks beginning of final chapter in Te Mata Peak track saga * Search and Rescue called to find group lost on Te Mata Peak in Hawke’s Bay * Lost husky found on west coast beach clifftopGeorgia-May Gilbertson/StuffFirefighters had to assist in the rescue of a husky-collie cross after it became trapped on a cliff face on Te Mata Peak “We heard this whimpering on the cliff face, then we saw a man come around the corner on the other side of the gully and it definitely looked like he was looking for something,” Kylie Jenkins said. “I didn’t know who to call for this kind of situation, so I called the Hastings District Council, but there was no one available. So I called the fire service, and they came to help.” Two fire trucks and about a dozen firefighters later, Chloe was lowered – unharmed – to safety, before she happily pulled her owner Thomas up the steep ascent towards the peak’s top car park. “She must have seen a rabbit, and she just bolted and yanked herself out of her harness and ran off the cliff,” Thomas, who didn’t want his surname published, said.Georgia-May Gilbertson/StuffA fire fighter winches the dog to safety after she became trapped on the cliff face. “We looked for over for an hour trying to find her. We were calling her but there was no response. Then we went to the carpark and waited there and then came back to look again.” Unsure of what to do next, Thomas phoned his father, who told him to keep searching. It was after that he came across Jenkins and her partner. “It was just such a blessing that she was spotted by these guys,” he said. Chloe, a four-year-old Husky-Collie cross began vigorously wagging her tail once she was back on the ground and was not injured. “I haven’t quite processed the other possible outcomes, it was a pretty precarious situation she was in and I’m pretty grateful to all those who helped get her down,” Thomas said. Firefighters said Chloe was not the first dog to fall into trouble at Te Mata Peak.Stuff
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