Quickies: How are all those college openings going?

CC BY 4.0 Steven Heritage

It’s only the middle of August, but due to extenuating circumstances, many colleges are starting their fall semesters early! Let’s check in on how that’s going…
After one week, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill reversed course and moved to virtual learning. An editorial in their student newspaper points out that they all saw it coming.
Notre Dame enacts two weeks of remote-only learning, citing that “most infections are coming from off-campus gatherings.” They’ve cancelled football practice so you KNOW it’s serious.
Meanwhile, a Penn State party video goes viral, showing large crowds outside the residence halls.
The northern part of my own state which is nearly virus-free is bracing for the return of Dartmouth students who are being told that their off-campus travel will be restricted to a small area… the very same area… that is worried… ab
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