Describe Unrelated Movies With A Single Line (30 PICS)

UPD: Gilbert, thank you for being attentive. Fixed now.A Bunch Of Dinosaurs Kill A Lot Of PeopleMain Character Turns Blue In The EndIt’s Dad All AlongThey Put That Thing Back Where It Came FromAn Unexpected Pregnancy Leads To A Complicated SituationStole A Loaf Of Bread, Went To Jail, Given Riches By Someone, Gained Political Office, Took Part In Rebellion Against The Government, Has Longstanding Feud With Government Official, Ultimately Influences His Enemy To Defeat Himself. With Singing!Icy Dead PeopleTwo Guys Go Up A Mountain And Rings Get DestroyedTom Hank’s Flight Doesn’t Go WellEnjoys Making Traps To Punish Bad PeopleA Clown Comes To Town. No One LaughsA Child Is Taken Away, And A Parent Will Go To Great Lengths To Rescue ThemA Bitter Old Man Loses His Wife, Befriends His Young Asian Neighbour Who Helps Him Overcome His Bitterness And CyncismResourceful Guy Left Alone On Christmas Eve Beats The CriminalsEdward Norton Fights His Alter Ego From Taking Him OverThe Protagonist Discovers He/She Has Been Living In A Fantasy World Where All His/Her Actions Are Controlled, And Has To Learn To Fight The Forces Of Evil Using Innate Skills That Look Like Magic To Those ObservingBrave Adventurers Stop The Rock From Ruining EverythingThey’re Gonna Need A Bigger BoatCrazy Manipulative Lady Pretends To Be A Girls Mother, Essentially Keeps Her Hostage And Eventually Tries To Kill Her ‘Daughter’ When She Tries To EscapeJim Carrey Really Hates BatsA Cowboy Must Deal With An Unwelcome AlienThe Protagonist Has To Deal With His/Her Alternate PersonalityA Bunny Sends The Protagonist On An Adventure On The Basis Of Running Out Of TimeA Settler From A Foreign World Joins A Group Of Natives To Learn More About A Valuable Resource. The Stranger Falls In Love With A Native, And Ends Up Protecting The Natives From The SettlersA Guy In A Mask vs. A Group Of TeenagersEverybody’s Looking For This One Fish, Then They Find ItLisa Is Tearing Them ApartToys Have Feelings Too!We Have To Put Aside Our Differences And Stick Together2 Guys, A Briefcase, Lost Love, Intrigue And Violence

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