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Flying dogs to their forever homes

On a 100-degree day in El Paso, a Texas terrier named Tumble is enjoying a bit of fresh air while trying to beat the heat. However, most of Tumble’s time is spent inside a cage at El Paso Animal Services. She was brought to the shelter after she was found on the street, her head trapped in a fence.”Usually in any given year, we have 25,000-30,000 animals come through the door,” said Kyla White, whose job is to help get those animals out the door. But there are far more dogs in El Paso than there are willing adopters. It’s a common story at shelters in several cities, but it’s not the story in every city. “My jaw just dropped; I didn’t know,” said Peter Rork, a retired orthopedic surgeon based in Jackson, Wyoming. “I’m living in a cocoon in Jackson where, you know, life is good and everybody has a dog and all the dogs are well taken care of, and the shelter is empty.”Rork has loved dogs ever since he was a boy. “I like dogs better than most people I know,” he laughed. “They’re just pure of heart and pure of soul.”Rork also happens to be a part-time pilot. When he retired from medicine, he realized that he might be able to help connect some of the towns that have full shelte
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